Buying or Selling a Business in Texas

In addition to the business objectives involved in the sale or purchase of a business, it is important that the various tax ramifications of a business transaction be examined prior to entering into any agreements regarding the transaction. Without proper tax planning, a business transaction can have severe adverse impacts on the bottom line of both the buyer and seller of the business, each of whom may have very different objectives in structuring the transaction. However, with proper planning, a transaction can be structured in a way that meets both the business and tax objectives of all parties involved.  We can help you plan and structure your transaction in a way that meets your business, financial, and tax objectives, including:

  • Sale or purchase of business assets
  • Sale or purchase of corporate stock, partnership interest, or limited liability company (LLC) membership interest
  • Mergers of business entities
  • Employment issues and agreements in connection with the sale or purchase of a business

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