When you start a business, there are several important decisions that must be made up front with respect to the new venture, including the type of entity in which to operate the business, the taxation of the business, and the initial capitalization of the enterprise. If these issues are not properly addressed in the beginning, they can lead to adverse consequences down the road. We can help you with forming your business entity and drafting the operating documents that will define the relationships between the owners of the business. We can advise startups as well as older, established businesses and companies undergoing a change in ownership structure. We can also advise businesses about ongoing operations, including the taxation of the business and any existing or prospective agreements with employees or customers. If you have an existing business relationship and you need to formalize that relationship by registering a new entity, we work with you to ensure that your organizational form meets your needs with respect to your management style and capitalization requirements. We strive to provide simplicity and flexibility in meeting the needs of your new business, whether you choose to incorporate or form a partnership or LLC. We can also advise your company about raising capital to grow your business through credit facilities, equity issues or combinations of both. Once your business is off the ground, we can provide service as your general counsel, or we can advise you in specific transactions such as:

  • Negotiating, reviewing, and drafting contracts and agreements
  • Real estate transactions involving the purchase, sale or lease of property for industrial, commercial or retail operations
  • Licensing and other intellectual property matters
  • Federal and state tax matters
  • Matters regarding employees or independent contractors
  • Commercial lending matters

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